Feedback from recent clients surveys.

I made the garlicky roasted potatoes 2 nights ago.  It was super easy, the house smelled wonderful (the boys came out of their rooms sniffing around like hungry dogs) and they were a hit.  It was a real winner!


I told my husband he could have the sample (jambalaya, green beans and corn bread) I brought home from your class.  He only intended to taste a little, but could not stop and ate the whole thing!  Guess I’ll be making that one soon! Thanks for ANOTHER great class and recipes!


Ivette, your classes have been a Godsend for me.  You do a great job of organizing the material and explaining things.  I’m learning through doing and watching and it’s giving me confidence to “go solo” with recipes later on. Plus, I enjoy the women that come and the relaxed, fun atmosphere. Finally, your cookies are out of this world!


You’d be proud of me today  – I’m making my first pork tenderloin ever. Thanks for your encouragement and your classes.  They’re a great idea and just the right thing for me right now.  I’ll be looking forward to the next one.


My favorite part of the class experience was the  amazing food, the great menu, the Cuban influence & Ivette’s energy!


If you want to experience a very friendly cooking class in addition to participating in the actual cooking of a superb meal, sign up for one of Ivette’s cooking classes.


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