Team Building

We can tailor your event to meet your specific team's needs.

Team Building and the Kitchen

Like any effective work group, a well-functioning kitchen requires communication, and creativity.  At ‘Cooking By Ivette’, we implement fun and simple team building activities that facilitate conversation and connections on a more personal level. When you cook together and share a meal, close bonds are established.

Focused and Non-Focused Events

A focused event is for smaller groups of 15 or less, encourages all the guests to participate in a fun, cooking environment.  A non-focused event is for larger groups, and guests can choose to participate or just enjoy the savory kitchen smells and gourmet environment.

Good to see teammates relaxed and others sides of them. Justin

Cooking together as a team made me realize how much I will miss my team. Mary

The class helps to relate to and learn about the team outside of work.