Cooking Classes

Gourmet made easy! Get new recipes. Learn helpful cooking tips. Have fun!

What to Expect from Class

We teach all levels of cooking experience.  We even accommodate food allergies (ie. gluten, soy, oats, etc.).  You can learn how to cook an entire meal in about 1 hour including dessert and gain time-saving skills to recreate the meal at home.  A handout provides recipes and step-by step instructions for sequencing meal preparation so that everything comes out hot and ready at the same time.

Class sizes can range from 6 to 15 people in a casual, fun learning environment in Willow Glen.  You will enjoy a fabulous time with others!  You will be preparing the meal and dining on new dishes to add to your family’s favorites.  No matter what level of skill you have in the kitchen, we all have a great time.  Come cook!